Exclusive Bazaar has been in existence since 2007. Choosing a domain name from Exclusive Bazaar reduces the hassle of obtaining a domain name. First, it cuts down on the hours of brainstorming required to develop domain names. Next, it prevents you from needing to check the master domain name database for availability of names. We understand how important, yet difficult it is to find a domain name that is simple yet captivating, uncomplicated, and reflects your intentions. This is the purpose of our Existance. To help you make sense of what you want to reflect on the Internet, in return, we want people to understand that reflection when surfing the Internet and keep them coming back to you. And the journey begins with, the RIGHT DOMAIN NAME.

We have a Collection of Domain names which you can view by clicking on Our Collection. The list spans many industries and we are sure, they will meet your needs.


What is a Domain Name or Website Name?
Think of this as an Identity. Businesses in todays world cannot exist without having an Identity. They need presence on the Internet and a Domain Name is the first step to accomplishing that.

Why do businesses need an Internet Presence?
Imagine you want to start a business selling Hammers. You could go around putting flyers on cars, using roadside banners, using the radio but all this is limited advertising; not to mention you will be spending more money advertising this way. When people ask, what is the website name (Domain Name)? How would you respond? Nowadays, Everything and Everyone, is online. There are over 3 Billion Internet users worldwide. In the United Arab Emirates alone, 88% of its Population is online, that is over 8.5 Million users. Do you want to drive these users (future customers) to your doorstep and be termed successful? Of course you do! Like the air we breathe, a business needs online presence.

What should my Domain Name be?
This should always be your Million Dollar question. Lets just say, you own a company named 'ABC and Sons LLC' and you focus on making and selling Hammers. What would make more sense and drive people to your Website? A Domain name that is the same as your Company name, ABCandSonsLLC.com or something simple like Hammers.com? Naturally, Hammers.com is the correct choice and here are the reasons why
1. A Domain Name same as the Company name would need to spend more on Marketing itself and the fact that they make and sell hammers
2. Hammers.com is a one word domain name
3. Hammers.com is easy to remember
4. Hammers.com is easy to spread using minimal marketing, lowering your Marketing budget and saving you money
5. Hammers.com would appear to the top of a search engine more easily
6. A Short, Memorable domain name such as Hammers.com, would be the difference between creating a successful presence online and getting lost in cyberspace
7. The value of Hammers.com would be, well, priceless to the owner

They could also use a domain name like WeSellHammers.com. It is a little longer but, it says what the company product is and what it does, also making it easy to remember and market. So when choosing a Domain Name, here is the easiest thing to do. Call US!! We specialize in Domain Names that make sense. :)

How do I get online? (Check out Our Services)
1. Get a Domain Name
2. Get Web Hosting
3. Build the Website
4. Publish it to the Internet