Domain Name :

Coming up with the right Domain Name, as you know is vital. We understand your business needs, think for you while thinking of you and provide you with a few names as options that you can choose from


Logo | Website Design :

We help you design your Logo and Website. For the Logo we give you a few options, after understanding your requirements. For the Website as well, we make note of all your requirements, needs, functionality and come up with a design that will look professional, will be easy to load on your Computer and Mobile device

Hosting the Website :

Picking a company to host your website with is critical as well. We, ourselves, host our website/s with one of the leading Top 10 hosting companies in the World. 99.9% uptime, excellent customer service and reliability. We will help you create an account, create an email address/es, transfer the code to the Hosting company and test all this before handing it over to you

Publish the Website :

On approval from you, our customer, we will test the website and then help you publish it to the Internet, ready to be seen by the World

Of course, you do not have to use all these services. Our main service is our DOMAIN NAME service where we help you pick the right name for your business. The choice is completely upto you, if you want us to help you Design, Host and Publish the Wesbite. We GUARANTEE, excellent customer service, because we know nothing less.